Welcome to 3D Ducks Store

Introducing 3D representation of famous Waves Ducks. This little birdies on Waves blockchain changed the life of many people all over the world in 2021.
Now you have opportunity to make a real duck friend and sit him on the desk.
Owner of the NFT can download hiqh quality 3D model in .OBJ format with fully colored textures.
You can get it for yourself or for friend. Every duck have personal ID. Total supply is only 100 ducks of each type.
You can use it digitally or make it physical with 3D-printer or nearest FabLab.
While original 2D Ducks on Waves, 3D Ducks lives on Polygon blockchain for robust speed and low fees.
Musthave for real Waves Ducks Hunter! But this club is not for everybody. We'll mint only 100 Ducks of each type.
That means, that you will be able to sell your Duck, when you decide to make happy another hunter,
for some reward in matic or ether of course, on second market like opensea.io,
our Waves Ducks 3D collection is already there.